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The comfort, efficiency and cost that your home heating, cooling and indoor air quality system provides is our primary concern.  We will provide you with the most efficient and cost effective design, equipment selection and installation in the industry.  If you interested in decreasing your dependance on fossil fuels, being more friendly to the environment and long term money savings, we can provide you with a complete geothermal heating and cooling system or an outdoor wood burning heater.

Our services range from the installation of a system per owner supplied specifications to a complete design-build solution.  We will provide you with the most cost effective solution, no matter what your need is.  Our staff will provide expert advise on solutions for your new construction, remodel or replacement needs.


There are a number of ways to heat your home, including forced air, hydronic and radiant.  Each method of heating has advantages and drawbacks as will be explained in the following sections.

G51_G61_Furnace_PhotoForced Air: Forced air heating systems utilized ductwork to distribute warm air produced by a heat source such as a furnace.  Modern Furnaces are usually gas or oil fueled and are very efficient and clean burning, providing you with the maximum amount of heat for a minimum amount of money

For your optimum comfort, all of our duct systems are custom designed for your home.  A properly designed and installed system will ensure a comfortable, quite home without drafts or cold spots.

baseboard_home_heat3Hydronic:  Hydronic heating systems utilize either traditional radiators or baseboard radiators to provide warm air near the outside walls or your home.  The heat source for the water is usually a gas or oil fired water heater, but can also be a geothermal heat source.  Modern water heaters are typically as efficient as forced air furnaces and can also provide almost limitless domestic hot water.

radiant_layoutRadiant:  Radiant heating systems utilize water flowing through plastic tubing embedded in the floor to directly heat the floor in your home.  The heat source for the water is usually a gas or oil fired water heater, but can also be a geothermal heat source.  Modern water heaters are typically as efficient as forced air furnaces and can also provide almost limitless domestic hot water.


HSX_HPX12_HS_HP29_PhotoIn the past, air conditioning was considered a luxury.  Now it is a necessity for many.  Air conditioners not only provide for cooling, but also dehumidify your home.  In order to provide optimum comfort, the system must be properly designed specifically for your home.  If the system is sized too large for your home, the home will cool down rapidly, but the system will not run enough to dehumity the house.  If the system is too small, the air conditioner will not be able to cool the home if it is very hot and humid outside.  Modern air conditioners are much more efficient than in years past.

By federal regulation minimum efficiency for current air conditioners is 10 SEER.  Our current high efficient units are 12 SEER and up.  The minimum standard is being raised to 13 in 2006.  This is a jump of nearly 30%.  SEER is the industries measure of efficiency. It stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio The higher the number, the more efficient the unit is.  For example, a unit that is 12 years old was commonly an 8 SEER unit.  Let’s assume it costs $100 to run for a given month.  A 10 SEER unit, running in the exact same month and conditions, would have cooled the same space for approximately $82.  Our most efficient unit, a 19 SEER, would have done the job for approximately $40.

Indoor Air Quality

Many studies have shown that as homes become tighter and more energy efficient, more contaminants can become trapped inside. Our homes air can be full of pollutants, including: dust, pollen, animal dander and hair, dust mites, tobacco smoke, viruses, bacteria and various organic chemicals. The typical throwaway furnace filter only traps about 5 - 15% of the largest particles, not doing anything for allergens, bacteria, viruses and organic chemicals.. The quality of the air in your home directly affects both your comfort and health. We offer a variety of products designed to improve the health of your indoor air.

When used properly, some or all of these products can help reduce or eliminate the effects of allergies.

renewaire EV130Air to air heat exchangers: Often called HRV’s (Heat Recovery Ventilators) or ERV’s (Energy Recovery Ventilators), these devices bring in fresh, outdoor air without sacrificing comfort. They have a heat exchanger that transfers the energy from the warm to the cold air.  Thus in the winter, energy from the warm air being expelled from the house is transferred to the fresh air being brought in.  In the summer, heat from the warm fresh air is transferred to the cold air being expelled.  In both cases, a significant energy savings results.  ERV’s add the ability of transferring humidity from humid to dry air.  Thus, in the winter, humidity from the outgoing, stale air is transferred to the incoming fresh air while in the summer, humidity from the incoming humid air is transferred to the outgoing, dry air.  They can be run on a timer, thermostat or humidistat.

AirCleaner_2200Media air filters: These filters trap particles as small as .3 microns. That means they will remove bacteria, pollen, plant spores, animal dander, lint and dust from the air to improve the quality of the air you breathe, far outperforming the standard, throw away filters, commonly found in heating and cooling equipment. They usually last 6 months to 1 year, and are very easy to service.

AirCleaner_5000Electronic Air Cleaners: The best in whole house air filtration. Theses units can remove smoke particles, allergens, bacteria, viruses, household dust and even volatile organic compounds.  There are a number of types of electronic air cleaners that are optimized for different applications.  The simplest, and least expensive models, utilize a static charge to collect small particles, including bacterial and viruses.  More sophisticated models utilize static electricity in conjunction with a media air filter to provide for better removal of airborne particles.  The most sophisticated systems utilize catalysts to destroy harmful and order causing volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

uv lampUltraviolet lamps: Using the same process as natural sunlight, UV lights damage harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and other microscopic living organisms, common to many home’s duct work. This same process has been used in hospital clean room for many years. When coupled with an electronic air cleaner or high efficiency air filter, these can hake your home much safer to breathe in.  When shopping for indoor air quality products, keep in mind many store bought types cover very limited amounts of space, and require maintenance equal to or greater then whole house units.

Model 700 HumidHumidifiers: Without the proper humidity level, your home will not be as comfortable as it should be. In fact, many homes are drier in the winter then a desert! By adding humidity in the winter, many people are able to turn the temperature in the home down, and be more comfortable.  Humidifiers are usually attached to the furnace ductwork and supply moisture when the furnace is running and the indoor humidity is below a set value.  Some models use outdoor temperature sensors to automatically adjust indoor humidity so that condensation does not form on windows on cold days.

Wood Burning Heatergarnwhs

With today’s high fuel costs, using a wood burning heater to provide heat for your home or shop is more attractive than ever.  We offer the GARN® WHS Smokeless Wood Heat system that delivers: a creosote free burn; an independently verified high efficiency in excess of 84%; ease of use; safety; and longevity.

These wood fired boilers may be located within the building to be heated or remotely in a small shed and interfaces easily will all types of hydronic delivery systems including: radiant floor, hot water baseboard and radiators. It also interfaces easily with forced air furnaces by utilizing an in-duct hot water coil.

The reason for this system’s clean burning, ease of use and high efficiency is due to the patented design.  Combustion air is drawn directly from outdoors through adiagramn internal air inlet tube (A) to the air distribution collar (B). The door (C) prevents air from being drawn from the room. The door is insulated to prevent heat loss and includes an air-cooled heat shield to prevent hot surfaces near the user. Combustion air from the collar flows through an upper and lower nozzles (D) into the combustion chamber (E). Remaining free air is mixed with hot gases before entering the ceramic secondary combustion chamber (F). Within the ceramic chamber, smoke, creosote and particulates are burned at temperatures near and above 2000 F. The hot gases release their heat as they move through a 5 pass tubular heat exchanger (G) submerged within a large volume of water. The cooled gases are then pulled into the Draft Inducer housing (H) and pushed out of the exhaust pipe (I).

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